A trip to the Amazonas lowlands

For the next 8 days we`ve booked an adventure trip into the Amazonas rainforest. We leave our truck in Cusco and fly to Puerto Maldonado which is approximately 500 km away from Cusco.

When we left the plane we first thought the heat comes from the engines. However this was wishful thinking. We were cordially received from 33 Grad Celsius and 100% humidity. Welcome to the jungle. We go upstream by boat for about three hours to the first lodge. After one hour driving we experience already a first highlight. Some beautiful colored macaws lick salty soil on the river bank in best distance for good pictures. The lodge awaits us with an evening program to watch out for caimans and in the early morning at 4:30am we climb up a 30m tower and overlook the jungle from above and enjoy the beautiful view. 

The next morning we continue our journey by boat another 4 hours upstream to the Tambopata Research Center where we stay for the next 3 days. During the boat ride we make the acquaintance of a tropical rain. It`s the beginning of the rain season and one must take this into account at any time. The lodge is in a nice location and can host up to 40 guests. The main attraction is the Colorado Clay Lick which is not far away. Every morning after dark dozens of macaws come and lick the salty soil which is liberally available on that place. Consequently the bell rings at 4am and at 4:30 we leave. After a short boat trip and a 5 minute walk we are at the observation point and wait for the things to happen. And we were not disappointed. Shortly after 5am they came in droves and make a deafening noise. Overall 17 different species come to the Clay lick and take their breakfast. It`s a magnificent spectacle.

After 7am the spook is over and we return for breakfast. In the mornings and in the afternoons we explore the neighborhood with our guide and apart from that we enjoy this unique location and feel fine. The rooms are open on one side and it feels like sleeping in the jungle, certainly under a mosquito net. Electricity is only available on an hourly basis and after nightfall they light paraffin lamps. This wild romantic environment is of course exactly right to celebrate Karin`s birthday. The next morning the bell rings again at 4am but it`s raining cats and dogs and we can continue sleeping. When it rains the macaws will not come. But after breakfast it`s dry and we can go the Clay Lick and enjoy this unique spectacle a second time. 

After 3 nights in the lodge we return to Puerto Maldonado.  There we`ve booked a bungalow in the Anaconda lodge for another 4 days. The Swiss Donald and his Thai wife Wadee build this wonderful place 8 years ago. It feels like in the jungle and we see almost as much animals as we saw the days before. Wadee is an excellent cook and we can choose from 24 different menu items. A culinary delight which we allow ourselves twice a day. In addition she makes the best Pisco Sour in Puerto Maldonado from which we obviously take too much from time to time. We relax on the pool and in the hammock and time flies. 

One day before our departure we make a day tour to the near-by Sandoval Lake. We hope to see the giant otters, but unfortunately it did not work out. So it is another very nice excursion in the untouched nature with a lot of wildlife experience and a troop of monkeys which bluster through the trees in front of us. 

The next morning we fly back to Cusco where our car is waiting for us. We will now stay another few days on the campground and then continue our journey to Arequipa and the pacific coast. What we relive we`ll tell you in our next blog. Until then stay tuned and enjoy the blog, the pictures and the videos. Hasta Luego.

In the video section you will find 2 new videos. One is from the Tambopata Research Center with great animal takes and the other is a promotion video from the Anaconda Lodge. Check it out and enjoy. 

and finally a number of nice snapshots

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