all overnight locations in PDF format for download

all overnight locations in North America 2024 - current - ongoing

last Update - 7th of May 2024

GPS Coordinates - Canada.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 129.3 KB

last update - 7th of May 2024

here is our route with some more details in Garmin GPS format. Readable only with MAPSOURCE or BASECAMP and the correct Canada maps from OSM database

Mapsource Route 2024.gdb
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Archieved 1st of October 2023 - Africa - 200 places

GPS Coordinates - Africa.pdf
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Archieved 18th of October 2021 - Southern Europe - 42 places

GPS Coordinates - Southern Europe - Aug
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Archieved 24th of September 2020: A journey in Europe - 82 places

GPS Coordinates - Europe - starts June 2
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Archieved per 25th of February 2020 - On the way to the Orient - 146 places

GPS Coordinates - our way to the Orient.
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Archieved per 24th of May 2019 - all overnight Europe including Morocco - Feb - May 2019

GPS Coordinates - Europe incl Morocco.pd
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Archived per 10. Oct 2018 - all our 359 overnight locations in US, Canada, Alaska & Baja California

GPS Coordinates - Baja California, USA,
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Archived per 21.Dec 2016 - all our 110 overnight locations in Central America & Mexico

GPS Coordinates - Central America & Mexi
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Archived per 26. October 2015 - all our 350 overnight locations in South America

All our 350 overnight locations in South
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