MOMO - our expedition mobile 

Making of - from a military truck to a mobile home

Layout of the cabin

Details about the cabin

Cabin structure

  • Construction method: fibre-class sandwich, fully isolated, no thermal bridge
  • Roof and wall thickness: 60mm, 3mm fible class outside, 2mm inside
  • Dimensions: L= 5000mm, W=2300mm, H= 2000mm
  • Fibre class cabin on spring-mounted suspension frame
  • Seats: 2 +1
  • Beds: 1 x 2000mm x 1600mm fixed bed in the back / 1 x 1000 x 1900 seating can be converted to a third bed
  • Heating: Truma C 6002 - 6 KW-gas heater with integrated 12 liter warm water boiler
  • Split-aircondition with evaporator inside and  compressor outside
  • Fresh water: ~ 400 l freeze protected, drink water filter system
  • Waste water 1: 100l for bathroom, outside, freeze protected
  • Waste water 2: 60l for Kitchen, outside, freeze protected
  • Bathroom & toilet 1400mm x 1300mm, flush toilet, shower 80x80 with sliding-door,
  • Ceramic sink
  • Waste water tank for toilet 100 liters, inside, freeze protected
  • Seats: U-Form, 1100mm x 1950mm
  • Fridge: 145liter compressor from Dometic and a separate 40 liter cooling box from Engel
  • 3-flame cooker baking oven and grill
  • Double bowl sink
  • Gas: 1 x 11 kg Gasbottle and 1x11kg gas tank bottle from Wynen
  • Furtniture made from poplar, 16mm, light weight
  • electrical outlets for 220Volts & 12 Volts 
  • External power inlet for 220Volts & 110 Volts
  • Radio with USB, 2 speakers
  • Windows: 5 x KCT glass windows with moscito protection and blinds
  • Roof top window: hand-made KCT glass window over the bed 90mm*80mm with moscito protection and blinds
  • Main door burglary resistant with 3-fold locking machanism, BKS secure lock
  • Luggage space under the bed, access over 2 covers from outside 1000mm x 700mm gas shock absorber upward movement
  • Stainless steel protection on main entrance door and trunk
  • extendible entrance ladder under the frame
  • moscito swing door at the entrance


Details about chassis and drivers cab

Chassis & drivers cab

  • Mercedes 1017A, 170PS
  • 4*4 and differential lock in addition
  • weight unloaded 9.5to
  • total weight allowed 11to
  • one 400 ltr Diesel tank
  • heated Separ Filter
  • spare wheel with crane and alu case for folded bikes in the back 
  • the back can also hold a 125ccm motobike 
  • two alu store boxes behind the rear axle 
  • rear view camara and camera to watch the cabin inside 
  • cooling box in drivers cab
  • 4 long ditance beamer on top of drivers cab
  • 2 boxes on top of drivers cab 
  • air condition for drivers cab