Videos from the highlights of our journey

Etosha Nationalpark in Namibia - May 2023

Epupa Falls to Ruacana - May 2023

Living Desert - Namibia - Dec 2022

Fish River Canyon - Namibia - Nov 2022

Helicopter flight over the Okavango Delta - Sept 2022

Victoria Falls from above - September 2022

Southafrica - Kruger Park Part 2 - August 2022

Pondoro Lodge Game Drive - August 2022

Southafrica - Kruger Park Part 1 - July 2022

African Wildlife Part 2 - (June/July 2022)

South Africa - Westcoast - Cape Gannet at Lambertsbay

Addo Elephant Park in South Africa (January 2022)

Swimming with Dolphins (January 2020)

Oman Offroad - No Limits (December 2019)

Iran - Stuck in the salt flat (November 2019)

Cappadocia (Aug 2019)

A road trip in East Anatolia (Aug 2019)

Adult playground in the desert of Morocco (April 2019)

An offroad trip thru the Dades gorge in Morocco (Mar 2019)

Drive with us on the Dempster Highway - Yukon, Canada

Wildlife on Alaska Highway (May 2018)

Whale watching - Baja California Mexico (Mar 2018)

Impressions from Baja Caifornia Mexico (Mar 2018)

Baja Caifornia Mexico - Video from our son Felix (Mar 2018)

Holiday in Mexico - Video from our son Felix (Mar 2016)

Holiday in Colombia - Video from our son Felix (Aug 2015)

Galapagos - From reptiles, sea lions and other species (May/2015)

Galapagos with a smile...... With special thanks to our guide Roberto

Experiment at the equator line (March/2015)

Did you know??

Canyon del Pato in Northern Peru (December/2014)

A breathtaking drive thru the Canyon del Pato in Peru

In the jungle of the Amazonas lowlands (November/2014)

Many exotic animals around the Tambopata Research Center in the area of Puerto Maldonado in Peru. 

The Anaconda Lodge in Puerto Maldonado, Peru (November/2014)

A very nice place to relax few days

From Tupiza to Uyuni (September/2014)

Drive with us in Bolivia - from Tupiza to Uyuni 

The Ruta de la Puna in Northwest Argentina (August/2014)

Fasten seatbells and drive with us over the wonderful  Ruta de la Puna in Northwest Argentina from Belen to Salta.

Poor road conditions (August/2014)

Drive with us on a really poor road in Argentina 

North-West of Argentina - Part 1 (September/2013)

From Salta to Cachi

North-West of Argentina - Part 2  (September/2013)

From Cachi to Cafayate

From Chile to Argentina (August/2013)

From Chile to Argentina over the Paso de Jama

Chile - Valle de Luna (August/2013)

Valle de luna in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile

Chile - around the Atacama desert (August/2013)

Bolivia - The ruta de lagunas (August/2013)

From Bolivia to Chile over the laguna route, laguna colorada & laguna verde

Bolivia - Salar de Uyuni (August/2013)

The largest salt field in the world

Bolivia - Potosi - 4065m (August/2013)

Around Potosi in Bolivia and a mining tour

Follow the footsteps of Che Guevara (July/2013)

From Samaipatha to Sucre via the ruta de Che in Bolivia

The waterfalls from Mocona & Iguazu (June/2013)

An offroad testdrive with MOMO (April/2013)