27 Videos from the highlights of our journey are online

An offroad trip thru the Dades gorge in Morocco (Mar 2019)

Drive with us on the Dempster Highway - Yukon, Canada

Wildlife on Alaska Highway (May 2018)

Whale watching - Baja California Mexico (Mar 2018)

Impressions from Baja Caifornia Mexico (Mar 2018)

Baja Caifornia Mexico - Video from our son Felix (Mar 2018)

Holiday in Mexico - Video from our son Felix (Mar 2016)

Holiday in Colombia - Video from our son Felix (Aug 2015)

Galapagos - From reptiles, sea lions and other species (May/2015)

Galapagos with a smile...... With special thanks to our guide Roberto

Experiment at the equator line (March/2015)

Did you know??

Canyon del Pato in Northern Peru (December/2014)

A breathtaking drive thru the Canyon del Pato in Peru

In the jungle of the Amazonas lowlands (November/2014)

Many exotic animals around the Tambopata Research Center in the area of Puerto Maldonado in Peru. 

The Anaconda Lodge in Puerto Maldonado, Peru (November/2014)

A very nice place to relax few days

From Tupiza to Uyuni (September/2014)

Drive with us in Bolivia - from Tupiza to Uyuni 

The Ruta de la Puna in Northwest Argentina (August/2014)

Fasten seatbells and drive with us over the wonderful  Ruta de la Puna in Northwest Argentina from Belen to Salta.

Poor road conditions (August/2014)

Drive with us on a really poor road in Argentina 

North-West of Argentina - Part 1 (September/2013)

From Salta to Cachi

North-West of Argentina - Part 2  (September/2013)

From Cachi to Cafayate

From Chile to Argentina (August/2013)

From Chile to Argentina over the Paso de Jama

Chile - Valle de Luna (August/2013)

Valle de luna in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile

Chile - around the Atacama desert (August/2013)

Bolivia - The ruta de lagunas (August/2013)

From Bolivia to Chile over the laguna route, laguna colorada & laguna verde

Bolivia - Salar de Uyuni (August/2013)

The largest salt field in the world

Bolivia - Potosi - 4065m (August/2013)

Around Potosi in Bolivia and a mining tour

Follow the footsteps of Che Guevara (July/2013)

From Samaipatha to Sucre via the ruta de Che in Bolivia

The waterfalls from Mocona & Iguazu (June/2013)

An offroad testdrive with MOMO (April/2013)

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