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Blog from Alaska now translated. Sorry for the delay. We have done the Dempster highway and are now on our way East to Prince George and Jasper.

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USA - Alaska

When we hitch-hiked from Whitehorse to Skagway back in 1986, it was still a sleepy place. Today, thousands of crusaders are there every day. At least two ships per day are at the pier and everyone is rushing into the small town. 

However, the city is totally adjusted to the crowds and makes it a flourishing business. At the time of the gold rush in 1898, the lucky seekers arrived by ship and then did the Chilkoot Trail and travelled via Whitehorse to the Klondike gold fields at Dawson. Later, the railroad was built and everything became a bit easier. We stroll thru the city, which is undoubtedly very nicely done on old, with wooden walkways and many well-preserved historic buildings. However, almost every second store is now a jewelry store. In view of the many fully packed bags that the crusaders are hauling back onto the ship, this seems to be a booming business.

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