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We are now in Armenia.

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Before the border to Georgia we pass an endless queue of trucks that have to wait here for hours. The entry is however absolutely problem-free for us and immediately after the barrier a lot of tractors are waiting to sell everything what one needs, or not. 

We change our remaining Turkish Lira to a course that brings tears to your eyes and buy a SIM card and a mandatory car insurance for 30 days. Then we leave the nevertheless somehow ordered border chaos behind us and drive on to Batumi. The city lies in the south west at the Black Sea and has experienced an unprecedented investment boom in the last years. Numerous new hotels and a 7km long lake promenade have been built and the number of tourists has multiplied. We stroll at subtropical temperatures some hours through the old town and walk through the parks, but then we continue a few kilometers north to the beach where we stay a few days.

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