Latest News - last update 28th of May 2023

Since mid of April we are again on the road in Namibia and now on the way to Caprivi. 


In the video section there are also two new videos from Etosha National Park and from our drive from Epupa Falls to Ruacana. Here:


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Namibia Part 3 - The North

After almost 4 months of home leave, during which we were also able to welcome two new grandchildren, we are finally going on tour again in mid-April. Qatar Airways brings us relaxed to Windhoek where MOMO waits patiently for us. After some service work and a few days in the Urban Camp we leave Windhoek for Swakopmund. We spend our first night at Uitkyk Lodge surrounded by giraffes, springboks and ostriches. Unfortunately, we did not see the two rhinos that also hang around on the farm.

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