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Meanwhile we are in Isfahan. The next 2 weeks Manfreds sister travels with us.

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Iran - Part 1

When entering Iran it was the hardest thing to get out of Armenia. No one felt responsible and we were sent from counter to counter which then were not occupied. After one hour wrong way from A to B and back to A I go to the boss counter. 

After he turned my papers back and forth several times as if he had a hieroglyphic tablet in front of him, he actually took care of it and we were finally able to leave. The entry into Iran was then done in 15 minutes and even with the handling of the Carnet de Passage for the car someone knew. The woman was separated and was only allowed to get in again when everything was done, with headscarf of course, because this is obligatory for all women in the whole country.

Iran welcomes us with rain and cold. We exchange 100 Euro at the border and get 11.5 million Rial for it. On the way to Jolfa we first head for a petrol station and get 250 litres of diesel for 5 cents per litre. It's even 50% cheaper if you find a truck driver who lends you his fuel card.


It is already after 17:00 and slowly it gets dark. First we head for an overnight stay at a rest stop on the highway, but it is too loud for us. So we drive down the next exit and a few kilometers inland to a small village. There the road ends and we place ourselves on a free place. It takes less than 5 minutes and we are surrounded by people who want to do something good for all of us. Everyone wants to invite us to dinner or to park with him in the yard. It is raining cats and dogs which does not stop people from coming back with new suggestions. The whole thing culminates in 5 men bringing us bread and plates full of food. This hospitality is simply unbelievable. 


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