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we have completed our trip to Morocco, Spain and Portugal and are now back in Germany fora couple of weeks. Mid June we continue our journey to the Eastern part of the world via Turkey and Iran.

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Spain and Portugal

The ferry brings us in only 90 minutes from Morocco, past the rock of Gibraltar, to the European mainland in Algeciras. We step on the gas and drive on to Seville. There, just one week before Easter, the Semana Santa begins. Between Palm Sunday and Good Friday, up to eight different processions a day pass through the streets to the big cathedral. The focus is on the ancient and preciously decorated images of Jesus and Mary. These heavy pedestals are carried by 12 men. Every 100m they have to be set down and breathed, and every half hour the entire carrier crew is changed. The accompanying penitents, who appear depending upon brotherhood in differently colored cowls with pointed hoods, remind of the Ku-Klux-Klan. 


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