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At the moment we spend some time in Morocco

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Morocco - Part 1

Actually we wanted to leave for Asia at the end of March, but the German winter was too long and too cold for us and so we decided to spend 2-3 months in Morocco before we set off for the big tour. 

Over the Brenner it goes briskly to Tramin where we make a first overnight stop and treat ourselves to a South Tyrolean snack in one of the many wine bars. At Lake Garda there is not much going on yet and it is very pleasant to enjoy the beautiful area once without the tourist hype. Driving with MOMO is not very easy here, because practically everywhere a 7.5 ton limit is signposted. It only helps to ignore them and hope for the best. Has worked in any case. In Lazise we park in front of a closed camping site and in Sirmeone we unpack the bicycles and make a nice afternoon round along the lake. 

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