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At the end of February, we take our vehicle out of winter storage and prepare it for the next big tour. The body batteries need to be replaced after having served us well for over eight years. We opted for AGM batteries again, and not just for price reasons. We know that all chargers will fit and that there will be no surprises during shipping if lithium is installed. Our Thetford Triplex stove with oven is also getting on in years and is looking forward to being replaced. And then we say goodbye to our chopper toilet and the 120-liter holding tank. Both are no longer up to date and have to make way for a dry toilet. After a lot of research, in which the appearance was also important to us, we decided on the Clesana C1.  We can do all the conversion work at CCF in the Forstinning camping center. Bastian Keil and his boys actively supported us, especially with their muscle power when removing and installing the three AGM batteries, which weigh 73 kg each. After that we went to our carpenter for two more days to install and panel the toilet in the bathroom. After a good two weeks of work, we are ready to travel and make our way to Hamburg where we can drop off our car and hopefully pick it up undamaged in Halifax on April 10. The first travel report will be published around the end of April. 



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Arrived in Mombasa we move for two nights in a nice hotel on the beach until we can drop off our vehicle. The drop-off date is on Manfred's birthday, of all days, but unfortunately there was no other way. The way from the hotel to United Warehouse near the harbor is not exactly suitable to build up confidence in what is coming, that is to say we drive through a bad area with roads that have more potholes than tar and thousands of people all trying to secure their livelihood for the current day. Arriving at our destination, Anthony and Abraham from United Warehouse welcome us and then everything goes very fast. Customs takes a quick look at the car and then we have to leave MOMO to its fate with a heavy heart. We are promised to take good care of it and two security people guard our good piece around the clock until it is driven onto the ship. In the early afternoon we are already back at the hotel and in the evening we celebrate Manfred's birthday in a noble fish restaurant.

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