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We are currently in Germany and enjoy a four months break before we continue our world tour in spring 2019.

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Canada - The East Coast

After returning to Canada at Sault Saint Marie, we drive south along the shores of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.

The area is beautiful with about 30,000 islands, but to properly explore all this we would have to exchange MOMO for a boat. Unfortunately, the weather is getting worse and it rains a lot. For us sun-drenched long-term vacationers a completely unfamiliar scenario on which we must first adjust ourselves. Slowly we approach the mega metropolis Toronto and decide to forego a visit due to the traffic and prefer to drive straight to the Niagara Falls, a tourist attraction that we definitely do not want to miss. After all, 4 million visitors a year can not be wrong. The Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side are undeniably the most impressive experience. At a width of 675m, the water falls 54m down. The American Falls are 2m higher, but only 328m wide. The falling water masses cause a huge spray fountain and it is best to take a rain jacket with you to visit.

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