Latest News - last update 14th of September 2021

Before we ship MOMO to South Africa at the end of the year we are currently on the road in Southern Europe. We have just left Albania and entered Greece.  


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Until 1991 Albania was still a communist dictatorship and only accessible for group tours. Only at the end of the 90s the political system collapsed. Today, public order is stable and everything goes its more or less regular course. Christians and Muslims live in peaceful coexistence and everywhere you are welcomed with warmth and helpfulness.   

We cross the border at the Shkodra lake and put us there first on a camping site. The lake does not invite to swim because of the many seaweeds, but to compensate the restaurant offers a delicious Albanian cuisine at prices like we had 20 years ago, such as a pizza Margaritha for three, and a large beer for 1.50 euros. No wonder the MOMO kitchen stays cold with this offer. 

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