Latest News - last update 2nd of November 2020

Due to the Covid pandemie we have interrupted our world tour and hope to get back on the road again in spring 2021. 

1. Route & overnight places  and  Garmin map downloads  - to be updated

2. GPS coordinates overnight  - up-to-date





France - Normandy and Brittany

Arrived in France we follow the coastline which is sometimes not so easy. The crossings are very narrow and often closed for more than 7,5to. We have to ignore this and hope for the best. South of Bologne-sur-mer a huge dune landscape begins where we look for a nice place for a few days directly in the dunes. The endless sandy beach becomes 500 meters wide at low tide and exposes the mussel beds which are laid out over a length of 3 km. Every day the mussels are picked from the trunks with tractors and a special grab arm. Everywhere you can still see the bunkers of the Atlantic Wall from the Second World War which the Germans left here. Here we enjoy the loneliness and a week of doing nothing. 

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