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We continue our adventure trip thru the United State. Currently we are in Georgia heading towards Atlanta.

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USA – Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida

After our nice days with Justin and his family in Texas we drive along the coast to Galveston. The beach is endless but it`s too cold for swimming and the uncounted oil refineries are not really a motivation to stay for longer. So, we soon pass the state border to Louisiana. 

The state is named after the French King Louis XIV and his mother Anna from Austria. Louisiana lies at the river mouth where the Mississippi flows into the Gulf of Mexico and has 134.264sqkm and a population of 34/sqkm whereby 16% of the landmass is swamp. The highest point is the Driskill Mountain with 163m.

You cannot avoid to come into the Swamp area at some point in time and we decide to have a closer look and drive to the Chilcot State Park. The Swamp looks like you know it from the movies but unfortunately, we don`t see alligators. 

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