Mexico (5) – Mexico-City

At the RV Park in Topozotlan we prepare MOMO for a two months break. The village is a nice colonial town  35km north of Mexico-City. 

In between the cleaning actvities we take our time to visit the city center with the lovely church and main plaza. 

Mexico-City, Day 1


With the good feeling to have a secure parking place for our car we take a taxi to Mexico-City. It`s not far but the ride takes more than two hours  thanks to the chaotic traffic. We have booked four nights at a bed and breakfast in the historic center. The location is great and gets a five star rating from us.  Mexico-City is the oldest  capital of the new world and at 2240m. With over 22 million inhabitants it is one of the largest megalopolis on earth. After check-in we start to explore the area near-by. The Zocalo which is the main plaza is dominated from the largest cathedral in America. The interio design is opulent decorated with altars and paintings. From the clock tower one has a wonderful view to the city. 

Mexico-City, Day 2


After breakfast we take a bus to the anthropological museum. It`s one of the most superb in the world. On over 33.000sqm the art treasures of Mexico and their people are presented. We spent more than six hours in the museum and really forgot time.  After this we had the chance to see a „Danza del Volador“ outside. This is a ceremonial dance which was celebrated from the indigen nations. Today it is a tourist attraction. We stroll thru the Chapultec park near-by and after this we need a few beers and a rest.   

Mexico-City, Day 3

Today we take the Metro to the district of Coyoacan and visit the Frida Kahlo museum. As we have seen the movie already at home it was very interesting to see the museum which was the house of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera from 1929-1954. After this we stroll thru the historic center of Coyoacan before we take the Metro back to our hotel. 

Mexico-City, Day 4

Today we have a sunny day and less smog and climb the Latino Americana Tower which looks like the Empire state building. From there one has a wonderful 360 degrees view to the city. After this we make a sightseeing tour with the hop-on, hop-off bus. In more or less 2 hours you see all highlights with English explanation via earphone. After a few hours relaxing in the hotel we climb the Latino Americana Tower again to see the city by night. This is even more impressive than during day time. 

Mexico-City, Day 5

Some highlights we have postponed for the last day. First we visit the National Palace. The huge palace was erected in 1692 and takes up one complete site of the main plaza. The mayor attraction are the paintings from Diego Rivera and represents the history of Mexico. After this we stroll thru the streets near-by and visit the Temple Major which was found in 1978. 

At late afternoon we take a taxi to the airport and fly home to Germany. Now we make a break for 8 weeks to visit our kids, family and friends. We continue our journey mid of September and will certainly report further. Until then. Hasta Luego. 

And finally a few nice snapshots

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