Mexico (9) – Northern Pacific Coast

Our way leads us from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast. We like it warm but the temperatures we found were really maddening. Daily average 35 degrees and above and at night around 30 Degrees with a humidity above 70%. 

But as wouldn`t this be enough the air-condition produces only a warm airstream. Until we find someone to repair it took us two days and the nights were really cozy. Even the energy level tends towards zero we don`t want to miss the celebrations for the Day of the Death. 

The “Dia de los Muertos” is a very important day for the Mexicans and since the new James Bond movie “Spectre” where a parade in Mexico-City is shown also world famous. On 1st and 2nd of November they celebrate together with the soles of the dead. The cemeteries awake to life and the families clean and decorate the graves. They spend the whole night there while sitting on the graves and having a big picnic. At the public places altars are erected and decorated and the market stands sell skulls made out of sugar and toy skeletons.  

After a few days we move on to Sayulity to an RV Park directly on the beach. The temperatures are not better but at least the air-condition is working and the sea is in front of our house-door. The small village is well occupied from Canadian and American people. Most of the camp sites are rented all year long and we are lucky that we find a spot for MOMO. The area with 3 acres was bought in in the eighties for $80.000. Today the value is more than $10Mill. Not a bad deal. The prices are like at home and all has not much to do with Mexico. It could be everywhere. We enjoy the beach life but don`t really like the surrounding. We had it much better further south and also cheaper. After a few days we drive a few kilometers to Lo de Marcos. Here we like it much better. We spend the days with doing nothing and the question how long can you stay in a hammock facing the ocean before it gets boring. We celebrate Karins birthday very relaxed with the feet in the sand and a Margarita in hand. The days pass by and we have a good time with Leona & Brad from Calgary and Larry & Maria from Vancouver. Leona & Brad travel for six months and want to make it to Costa Rica and Maria & Larry have bought a house here and spent the Canadian winter on the beach. Thanks again folks for the great time together!!

After more than two weeks we decide to move on and did already the route planning up to the US border. But we don`t come far. After 40 kilometers Chacala beach is on our way and it`s so nice there that we cannot go on. We simply adjust the route planning to US and park MOMO at a beautiful spot under palm trees. The beach is great apart from the weekend when hundreds of Mexicans come with big tour buses and enjoy their way of life with loud music and lots of alcohol. But on Monday this is history, the area is cleaned from garbage and we have beach and beach bars almost alone. So we have a lot of nice pictures but apart from various sunsets, a beautiful sky with millions of stars at night, a warm ocean for swimming and a lot of good Margarita there is not much more to talks about. Apart from the freshly hatched turtles which we helped to get to the water. An incredible experience.. 

At some point in time we will continue our journey to the US border. Latest on Christmas we must be in the Tucson area where we meet friends from Germany to spend a few days together. Of course we let you know and will report further. Until then enjoy reading and watching the pictures, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.  "Hasta Luego". 

And finally a few nice snapshots

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