One year with our own Motorhome thru Central America and Mexico – A Resume

After two and a half years in South America we come to Panama in November 2015 with mixed feelings. Most of the countries which are now ahead of us are known for crime, drugs and violence together with negative news in the press. 

In addition, El Salvador recently took over the first place from Honduras for the highest murder rate worldwide. All not very motivating factors. But we don`t let us put off by this. For general safety we decide to mainly stay on secured overnight places so that we can sleep well.   

We see very different countries whereby Guatemala and Mexico are for sure the highlights. Panama is in principle like USA with one huge shopping all after the other and the skyline from the capitol city reminds us on Miami. Apart from the Panama Canal there is not much to explore. 

In Costa Rica we were excited from the unique wild life which you can see not very often in this specificity. However the prices dulled our enthusiasm a bit and we often felt that the locals think we pick the money from the trees in our home country. But we also had fun with a Zip line over 1600 meters and at the pool of a luxury hotel in the Manuel Antonio Bay where we were kindly invited from the owner. 

Nicaragua has the volcanos and endless beaches and not to forget the old and fascinating Colonial town of Granada. 

Honduras, we cross in 4 hours but stay some time in El Salvador and explore the highlights. We also meet very friendly people there and did not feel unsafe at any point in time. All exchange of goods and money is accompanied by an armed security person.  Also, it takes some time to get used to the fact that a gun shows out of the windows from cars passing by. 

In Guatemala, we stay for longer in Antigua and refresh our Spanish knowledge. Where else you get one to one lessons for $5 the hour. Saturated with a new vocabulary we visit the Lago Atitlan followed by the great archeological sites in the North-East. 

In Belize, we spend a few days on a small Island for snorkeling and after this we try to communicate with the Mennonites in German while driving thru the country site. 

In March, we enter Mexico and our sons visit us with their girl-friends. After this we fly to Cuba for two weeks and travel around on our own. Cuba is probably nice and Havanna and Trinidad have their beauties. However, the Socialism is not really something we need and to be squeezed into an old Chevy from 1950 with eight people while driving 400 km thru the country is not affordable either. 

July and August we stay in Germany, visit friends and family and celebrate the wedding of our oldest son. 

We tour crisscross thru the huge country of Mexico and are always anew impressed about the friendliness and helpful attitude of the Mexican people who also know how to party with their families very loud and long and after this they forget, surely unintentionally, to take away the garbage. When you read through our various travel blogs you will understand. 

Here are also some statistical numbers and facts for you. From Panama to the US border we drove 14000km and have consumed 3500 liters (926 Gallons) of Diesel. Our monthly budget was around 1500 Dollars per month, same as in South America. We did not have big repairs apart from the normal services. MOMO runs like a clockwork and we are still happy with our life as Nomads and miss nothing. All travel blogs sorted by country in alphabetical order can be also found here: All blogs by country 

Now we continue our journey in 2017/18 thru USA, Canada and Alaska. We a pleased when you are still with us and will certainly publish new reports frequently. Until then like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Take care, enjoy life wherever you are and always drive safely. 

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