After we spent a good week on the Ile de Ré on the Atlantic coast in France, we continue our trip across the country via Limoges to Toulon. On the way we will have a few days break at the beautiful Lac de Pareloup before we take the night ferry to Sardinia on 9.9.

Arriving in Porto Torres, a little further south in Argentinera, we find a great campsite with a beautiful beach and crystal clear water, just the way we like it. Practically every day the wine and cheese seller comes by and so we don't lack anything. No wonder that we stay there for 5 days.

We continue south along the west coast and make a few stops for a short city stroll in the beautiful cities of Alghero and Bosa.

In Arutas there is the so-called rice grain beach where you can stand directly behind the beach. However, camping is forbidden there and in Italy this means that no chairs, tables or shoes are allowed in front of the car. Everything has to be put away like a parked car that drives away immediately. And yes, these rules are strictly supervised and if they are not respected, there is a penalty of 280 euros. Without further ado we take our table and chairs, carry them 20m to the beach and make ourselves comfortable there. This is allowed, just not directly at the car. Unfortunately this clouds the camping idyll a bit, but when you see the hordes of motorhomes it is probably inevitable to create clear rules.

We drive on to the southern tip and set up a small camping site. There is no place to stand alone and we are glad that with our size we can get a place at all.
Then we get a message from home that we have to be home at the end of September because of an urgent appointment. So our Sardinia vacation ends a little bit faster than we thought. So we don't see too much of the east coast and a few days later we take the night ferry to Livorno.

With an overnight stop in Riva on Lake Garda, we will then quickly cross the Brenner Pass and arrive in our home town of Grafing on Sunday, 26.9.2020.

This is the end of the story for now. If and how it continues depends on the further development of the Covid pandemic. We have brought our vehicle to the winter camp and moved into an apartment and hope that we can start again in April 2021. We will continue to report.

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