From Los Angeles to Mexico

Our home holiday was nice but a little bit too short. However now we are back in the States. We found MOMO in good shape and after our luggage was delivered which was lost during the transfer in Amsterdam we could continue our journey. 

From LA we drive via Palm Springs to the Joshua Tree NP. Unfortunately, we have overseen that it’s the long Thanksgiving weekend which obviously brings every American on the road. The park entrance was packed with tourists and of course no single camping spot was left over. So we decided to hang around for a while in the near-by Western city Pioneer town until the rush is over. 

But in the morning, we have enough from the very dusty area and move on to the South entrance of the park where is a lot of BLM land for free camping. It’s not really less dusty but nevertheless we meet our friends Agnes & Harold again which we first met in Victoria on Vancouver Island and at several other spots in between. After the long weekend we pick a campground in the park while Agnes & Harold move on to Mexico. 

Close to Palm Springs and Salton Sea is the hippie community Slab City. Over decades hippies from the 60’s and 70’s and other individuals have established some kind of alternate living in trailers, mobile homes, tents, cars and self-build huts without electricity, water and other comforts of the modern civilization. But the major attraction is Salvation Mountain a very individual creation of a Veteran who established this over the years. The other areas look more like a landfill with the possibility to live in. 

We continue further South to the Imperial Dunes which is the largest dune field in the States. This is the playground for all kinds of OTVs and the area is really packed over the weekends with a lot of noise for free. MOMO is unfortunately too heavy with it’s 11 tons and so our fun is limited to view others and take pictures. 

In Yuma we fill or fridge for the last time in US and spend two days in the Organ Pipe Cactus NM and enjoy the hiking trails thru the wild landscape. 

Shortly after we cross the border to Mexico in Lukeville. It’s a very small crossing and the paper work is quick and easy. However we realize that the entrance fee to Mexico has increased by 100% in 2017. All of a sudden, we are back again in a completely different world where we will spend the winter. But what we experience there is as always part of the next blog. Until then have fun reading and watching the pictures and like us on Facebook. Hasta Luego.  

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    Bernhard (Dienstag, 12 Dezember 2017 12:52)

    Hallo Karin & Manfred,
    war auch eine Fahrt über den Ajo Mountain Drive mit einer Wanderung dort dabei ?

    Eine schöne Weihnachtszeit im warmen Mexico !
    Regina und Bernhard