Mexico - Baja California Part 2

Our son Felix joins us for a visit and we pick him up at the airport in San Jose del Cabo. He likes surfing and we find good waves East of Cabo where we spend a couple of days on a lonely beach. 

The weather is great and Felix can indulge his passion. Every evening we make a big campfire whereby wood collecting isn’t that easy but Karin certainly has two strong boys who get the fire wood also from far away. 

Felix not only is a good surfer but also an excellent drone pilot. With a range of more than two miles stunning pictures and videos from the whales are guaranteed. And in addition we get awesome pictures from our truck on the beach. See here for the videos

We drive along the beautiful East Coast via Cabo Pulmo and up to La Paz. Not only Felix has “snorkeling with whale sharks” on his to do list and so we charter a boat with skipper and this brings us really close.  We can snorkel more than one hour just next to the 25 feet animal and shoot great pictures and videos. We are hooked and can hardly believe how big it is. See here for the Videos

After this we drive to Todos Santos and back to the Pacific Coast where the waves are better for surfing and stop at several beaches. The drone comes into operation more often and also approaches a rock with sea lions who can look at this device from a distance of 6 feet but only shake their heads about it. See here for the videos

After 15 days of sun all day long, watching whales and sitting on campfires and we bring Felix back to the airport after a quick sightseeing tour thru the very touristic town of Cabo. Unfortunately, the flight from Cabo to Mexico City is delayed and he misses his connection flight back to Europe. So, his girl friend must wait 24 hours longer than originally planned to get him finally back. 

We go once again to La Paz and after another couple of days on our dream beach Playa Escondido we start our journey northbound. Slowly we must speed up a little bit to get to Alaska before the next winter comes along. But one highlight is still on our way. In the Laguna Ojo Liebre are more than 900 whales with their cubs in March and we don’t want to miss it. At 8am we are at the visitor center and take the first boat. After a 30min ride we have them all direct on the boat and so close that we can even touch them. We can shoot great pictures and videos and are once again absolutely hooked. See also here for the video

We drive thru wonderful cactus fields and a 40 miles dead end road up to Bahia Los Angeles and spend another couple of days on the beach of La Gringa together with our friends from Switzerland. 

With San Quintin on the Pacific Coast and the wine Valley of Guadalupe ends our 3 months visit on the Baja California.

Now we come irresistible closer to the US border which we will cross in the next days to follow the coast line northbound. But what we experience there is then as always part of our next blog. Until then enjoy reading and watching the pictures and videos. Hasta Luego. 

And finally a few nice snapshots

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