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On the way to the Orient

On Pentecost Sunday, June 10th, we start the second part of our trip around the world in an easterly direction. It is wonderful summer weather and we spend a few days "holiday" at the Gleinkersee in Upper Austria. The small lake is picturesquely situated at an altitude of 800m, surrounded by mountains with numerous hiking trails. In the morning we have the lake almost for ourselves. We enjoy the days and have a good time. 

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Spain and Portugal

The ferry brings us in only 90 minutes from Morocco, past the rock of Gibraltar, to the European mainland in Algeciras. We step on the gas and drive on to Seville. There, just one week before Easter, the Semana Santa begins. Between Palm Sunday and Good Friday, up to eight different processions a day pass through the streets to the big cathedral. The focus is on the ancient and preciously decorated images of Jesus and Mary. These heavy pedestals are carried by 12 men. Every 100m they have to be set down and breathed, and every half hour the entire carrier crew is changed. The accompanying penitents, who appear depending upon brotherhood in differently colored cowls with pointed hoods, remind of the Ku-Klux-Klan. 


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Morocco - Part 2 & Personal Summary

From the Todrah Gorge we continue towards the southeast. On the way we pass an old underground irrigation system which dried up about 40 years ago. The canals were dug at that time by slaves and little salty water was led from the edge of the Atlas into the oases. Today you can still see the wells and you can also walk a little into the canals. 

On the way we stop in the middle of nowhere for lunch. We stand there for less than two minutes, the first children come, nobody knows where from, and after another 5 minutes there are probably 10 children aged 6-12 years in front of our car and want something, preferably candy or crayons. We have neither the one nor the other and as often as at every corner the hand is held up believe the Moroccan children probably every European has at home a stationery shop, or a candy shop.

On the campsite near Erfoud, at the edge of the desert of Erg Chebbi, we have arranged to meet Christa & Peter who we last met in Colombia in 2015. Elisabeth & Kurt are also with us and we spend some nice days together. Meanwhile Kurt and I make firewood for the upcoming events. 


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Morocco - Part 1

Actually we wanted to leave for Asia at the end of March, but the German winter was too long and too cold for us and so we decided to spend 2-3 months in Morocco before we set off for the big tour. 

Over the Brenner it goes briskly to Tramin where we make a first overnight stop and treat ourselves to a South Tyrolean snack in one of the many wine bars. At Lake Garda there is not much going on yet and it is very pleasant to enjoy the beautiful area once without the tourist hype. Driving with MOMO is not very easy here, because practically everywhere a 7.5 ton limit is signposted. It only helps to ignore them and hope for the best. Has worked in any case. In Lazise we park in front of a closed camping site and in Sirmeone we unpack the bicycles and make a nice afternoon round along the lake. 

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Canada - The East Coast

After returning to Canada at Sault Saint Marie, we drive south along the shores of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.

The area is beautiful with about 30,000 islands, but to properly explore all this we would have to exchange MOMO for a boat. Unfortunately, the weather is getting worse and it rains a lot. For us sun-drenched long-term vacationers a completely unfamiliar scenario on which we must first adjust ourselves. Slowly we approach the mega metropolis Toronto and decide to forego a visit due to the traffic and prefer to drive straight to the Niagara Falls, a tourist attraction that we definitely do not want to miss. After all, 4 million visitors a year can not be wrong. The Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side are undeniably the most impressive experience. At a width of 675m, the water falls 54m down. The American Falls are 2m higher, but only 328m wide. The falling water masses cause a huge spray fountain and it is best to take a rain jacket with you to visit.

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