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Morocco - Part 1

Actually we wanted to leave for Asia at the end of March, but the German winter was too long and too cold for us and so we decided to spend 2-3 months in Morocco before we set off for the big tour. 

Over the Brenner it goes briskly to Tramin where we make a first overnight stop and treat ourselves to a South Tyrolean snack in one of the many wine bars. At Lake Garda there is not much going on yet and it is very pleasant to enjoy the beautiful area once without the tourist hype. Driving with MOMO is not very easy here, because practically everywhere a 7.5 ton limit is signposted. It only helps to ignore them and hope for the best. Has worked in any case. In Lazise we park in front of a closed camping site and in Sirmeone we unpack the bicycles and make a nice afternoon round along the lake. 

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Canada - The East Coast

After returning to Canada at Sault Saint Marie, we drive south along the shores of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.

The area is beautiful with about 30,000 islands, but to properly explore all this we would have to exchange MOMO for a boat. Unfortunately, the weather is getting worse and it rains a lot. For us sun-drenched long-term vacationers a completely unfamiliar scenario on which we must first adjust ourselves. Slowly we approach the mega metropolis Toronto and decide to forego a visit due to the traffic and prefer to drive straight to the Niagara Falls, a tourist attraction that we definitely do not want to miss. After all, 4 million visitors a year can not be wrong. The Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side are undeniably the most impressive experience. At a width of 675m, the water falls 54m down. The American Falls are 2m higher, but only 328m wide. The falling water masses cause a huge spray fountain and it is best to take a rain jacket with you to visit.

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USA - On the way to the east

We spend two wonderful holiday weeks in Montana on Asley Lake with our Canadian friends Leona & Brad. 

We pass the time with swimming, stand-up paddling, kayaking and Brad's party boat and do not really want to leave. Thanks again folks for the wonderful time with you. 

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Canada - At the Arctic Ocean

In Dawson City we fill up our supplies and may then also experience how the German football team messed up the Soccer World Cup. And for such a game we got up at 6 o'clock in the morning.  Unbelievable. 

But life goes on, as well as our holiday, and of course we do not let ourselves be spoiled by such trifles. Our next big destination is the northernmost point we want to reach on the American continent, which is at the very top of the Arctic Ocean, just below the 70th parallel. In between are 900 kilometers earth road of gravel and mud. Construction of the Dempster Highway began in 1959 and it took 20 years to complete

After a rest day, we set off. Sun and rain alternate in beautiful uniformity and after a few kilometers our MOMO is splashed from top to bottom with dirt and it looks like that will probably remain so in the next few days. Immediately after the first few kilometers there is a large truck with trailer in the ditch and a little further on, a caravan team has strayed from the paths. When it rains, the track soon becomes very soft and muddy and runs like ice. The landscape is magnificent and gives one the feeling of an infinite space and loneliness. Also see the video: Dempster Highway

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USA - Alaska

When we hitch-hiked from Whitehorse to Skagway back in 1986, it was still a sleepy place. Today, thousands of crusaders are there every day. At least two ships per day are at the pier and everyone is rushing into the small town. 

However, the city is totally adjusted to the crowds and makes it a flourishing business. At the time of the gold rush in 1898, the lucky seekers arrived by ship and then did the Chilkoot Trail and travelled via Whitehorse to the Klondike gold fields at Dawson. Later, the railroad was built and everything became a bit easier. We stroll thru the city, which is undoubtedly very nicely done on old, with wooden walkways and many well-preserved historic buildings. However, almost every second store is now a jewelry store. In view of the many fully packed bags that the crusaders are hauling back onto the ship, this seems to be a booming business.

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