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USA – Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida

After our nice days with Justin and his family in Texas we drive along the coast to Galveston. The beach is endless but it`s too cold for swimming and the uncounted oil refineries are not really a motivation to stay for longer. So, we soon pass the state border to Louisiana. 

The state is named after the French King Louis XIV and his mother Anna from Austria. Louisiana lies at the river mouth where the Mississippi flows into the Gulf of Mexico and has 134.264sqkm and a population of 34/sqkm whereby 16% of the landmass is swamp. The highest point is the Driskill Mountain with 163m.

You cannot avoid to come into the Swamp area at some point in time and we decide to have a closer look and drive to the Chilcot State Park. The Swamp looks like you know it from the movies but unfortunately, we don`t see alligators. 

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USA - Texas - The South

Texas is huge and the second largest state in the US with 695.621sqkm and a population of more than 26 Million. This makes 37/sqkm. Compared to Germany with half the size we have 230 people/sqkm. 

Coming from the Carlsberg Caverns we soon cross the state border to Texas. It`s cold and rainy weather and we drive over endless and boring highways in direction to the Big Bend National Park. On the left and on the right side of the road is nothing and in case we come thru a village most houses have seen better days and look like left alone a long time ago. The region is shaped from oil industry and hundreds of trucks every day have made a very bad road over time. We have rarely seen so much desolation and can somewhat understand that Trump could make good points here with his populistic slogans.


For the night, we make a stop at the Balmorhea Statepark. The campground has a huge pool served from a natural spring and is ranked to be the largest of its kind worldwide. Here we also learn that all Stateparks in Texas take an entrance fee per person in addition to the campground fee. We don`t feel much sense of humor for this strategy especially as you don`t find places in the wilderness to stay for free.

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USA - New Mexico - Land of Enchantment

We cross the state border from Arizona to New Mexico and drive mile after mile over endless highways. The state has a lot of interesting spots and we want to visit some of them in the next weeks. 

We skip the area where the first atomic bomb was tested in 1945 and better look to the world’s largest radio telescope. The site is well known from the movie “Contact” with Jodi Foster. On 365 days per year they look and listen into space and the data is provided to scientists all over the world. It`s a good recommendation for all who like starship enterprise and want to know what`s going on in Galaxies which are millions of lightyears away from us.  

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USA - Southern Arizona

We cross the border in Nogales without problems and even got a 12 months Visa from the very friendly officer. To quickly adopt to the American way of life our first stop after the border is at Carl`s Junior for a Hamburger before we continue on the Interstate 19 to Tucson. We are surprised about the width of the road without any potholes. Therefore, border control is present and causes a traffic jam at the checkpoint. Seems to be a pre-stage of the wall…..

We use the possibility to park our RV on the parking lot of a casino in Tucson. They are open around the clock and in case you feel an urge for gambling it`s only a short walk. 

On the next Day, we move to an RV Park for 55+. No joke. The campground has 1100 sites and is mirrored opposite with additional 1100 sites. Tucson and also Phoenix are a paradise for retired people and everybody who can afford it comes here for the winter. We use the environment to install new batteries. Apart from this we are the highlight of the park. In 10 minutes intervals, someone comes along and wants to know what this is. What a rig, I`ve never seen anything like this, and so forth. After a while we think about to install a sign like: visiting hours from 4pm to 5pm, pictures $5. 

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One year with our own Motorhome thru Central America and Mexico – A Resume

After two and a half years in South America we come to Panama in November 2015 with mixed feelings. Most of the countries which are now ahead of us are known for crime, drugs and violence together with negative news in the press. 

In addition, El Salvador recently took over the first place from Honduras for the highest murder rate worldwide. All not very motivating factors. But we don`t let us put off by this. For general safety we decide to mainly stay on secured overnight places so that we can sleep well.   

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