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USA - Alaska

When we hitch-hiked from Whitehorse to Skagway back in 1986, it was still a sleepy place. Today, thousands of crusaders are there every day. At least two ships per day are at the pier and everyone is rushing into the small town. 

However, the city is totally adjusted to the crowds and makes it a flourishing business. At the time of the gold rush in 1898, the lucky seekers arrived by ship and then did the Chilkoot Trail and travelled via Whitehorse to the Klondike gold fields at Dawson. Later, the railroad was built and everything became a bit easier. We stroll thru the city, which is undoubtedly very nicely done on old, with wooden walkways and many well-preserved historic buildings. However, almost every second store is now a jewelry store. In view of the many fully packed bags that the crusaders are hauling back onto the ship, this seems to be a booming business.

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Canada - British Columbia & Yukon

After our immigration to the USA we first drive to Langley close to Vancouver where we say Good Bye to our offroad tires and install tubeless all road tires instead. 

After 12 flats in 5 years we are fed up with it and decided to change the complete set including rims. Now the driving comfort is similar to a S-Class Mercedes and the vibrations are history. Let’s see how they behave long term. After this we visit our friends Lora and Harry in Mission. Many thanks for your outstanding hospitality. 

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From San Diego to Seattle

After border crossing we move on to San Diego the second largest city in California. One of the most important employers is the US Navy who moved their headquarters to this place after Pearl Harbor in 1941. 

The giant aircraft carrier USS Midway at the harbor you cannot overlook. Since 2004 it’s a museum and open for the public. You can easily stroll around for hours and wonder how more than 4000 people lived here and how the kitchen delivered over 13000 meals per day. Late afternoon we visit our friends Brittni and Josh which we have first met 2016 in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico when they were travelling with a Sprinter Camper. We’ve spent a nice evening together and had a lot of fun. Thanks folks for the great time. All the best and take care. 

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Mexico - Baja California Part 2

Our son Felix joins us for a visit and we pick him up at the airport in San Jose del Cabo. He likes surfing and we find good waves East of Cabo where we spend a couple of days on a lonely beach. 

The weather is great and Felix can indulge his passion. Every evening we make a big campfire whereby wood collecting isn’t that easy but Karin certainly has two strong boys who get the fire wood also from far away. 

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Mexico - Baja California

Welcome back to Mexico where we want to escape from the cold and stay for the winter. We drive to Puerto Penasco and rest a few days before we continue our journey down to Guaymas. 

We go to the RV park in San Carlos where we’ve been already last year when we moved North. From there we want to take the ferry to the Baja California but it’s very windy and so we must wait a couple of days. There is not much to see in this area and we spend most of the time relaxing and eating Mexican food in the various restaurants near-by. 

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